Christ Never Got Paid For His Religious Services And 
Neither did the Apostles. They did manual Labor to Pay
For their own way.

Christ was a carpenter.  Many of his followers 
were woodworkers, tent-makers (Paul), fishermen
(Peter), common laborers, animal herders, 
a doctor (Luke), and workers in the field, etc.
When these men became followers of Christ and
took on the responsibility of preaching for Christ,
they did not give up doing manual work.  In fact,
they were told to continue to work for their earnings.
Christ and his apostles, miraculously healed the
sick and raised the dead.  Christ preached fabulous
sermons and discourses that lasted for many hours,
where people came from far away to listen to him
and to be benefited by his miracle healing.
And yet, during all of this, there is no record of
Christ ever passing a plate to pay for his services.
There is no mention in the Bible of Christ being
paid or taking any donations from the crowds 
who came to see him.
This is true of his apostles as well.  And even after
the apostles were gone, great men like Paul 
spent many long treacherous hours traveling abroad
and locally, extolling the vitues of Christ and the
truths that he spoke.  Not one of these men ever
took money for their services, regardess of how
many hours they spent each day in this tremendous
preaching work that they had undertaken.

No plates were passed, no donations were taken.
The earliest of Christians did not get paid for 
their religious works.  They all continued to do
their secular jobs to pay for their own personal

But how different that is today.
And in other ways as well – the religion that
Christ taught has undergone a transformation
that would shock him,, and obviously disappoint
him greatlly.  It appears that almost everything
that is being done today in Religion is at opposition
with Christ’s teachings, his principals, his values,
and most importantly, His Example.

The religion that Christ taught was based upon 
truth and facts, unlike the religions of today
that are based mostly upon emotion and feeling good
and making money.

Christ did not candy coat anything.  He was not trying
to win Converts to make money.  He was not selling
himself or his teachings as a means to make income.
In fact, he told all of his followers that they should
never charge money for their services.  They received
the knowledge of the truth for free and they were 
supposed to share that knowledge with others at no cost
Whatsoever.  So how did they pay for their personal
needs then ?  Christ told them to NOT take money from
anyone, and to NOT be a financial burden upon anyone.
These early followers of Christ were admonished by him
to do work for their pay.  And that did not include
preaching work, but rather to get paid a salary for
their physical labor, such as gardening, carpentry,
fishing, repairing things and construction and hard
grunt labor.  Even digging ditches if necessary.

Neither Christ, nor any of his follower got payment
for their religious services or discourses.  It was
meant for all early Christians to preach the Good News
of the Kingdom without receiving any monetary gain.
“Freely you received, 
freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)
“You received without paying, 
now give without being paid.
(Matthew 10:8)(CEV)-BibleGateway

“Don’t think you have to put on a fund-raising 
campaign before you start. You don’t need a lot 
of equipment. You are the equipment, and all you 
need to keep that going is three meals a day…
(Matthew 10:9)(MSG)

Although taking payment or being given money was
not allowed amongst the Apostles,  they were allowed
to enjoy the hospitality of the people that they
stayed with during their journeys. They were allowed
to enjoy a free meal given by the host family.

“Don’t hesitate to accept hospitality, 
because those who work deserve to be fed.”
(Matthew 10:10)(NLT)

“Stay in that house, eating and drinking 
whatever they give you, for the worker deserves 
his wages.” 
(Luke 10:7)(NIV)


“That is, they were NOT to sell their favors 
of healing, preaching, etc. They were not to make 
a money-making business of it…”
– Barnes Notes on the Bible
Matthew 10:8

“…in preaching the gospel I may offer it 
free of charge…”
(1Corinthians 9:18)(NIV84)

“He who preaches to make a living, 
or to make a fortune, is guilty of the most 
infamous sacrilege.” 
– Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible

Concerning Matthew 10:8

Think of how different that is today and over the
past couple of centuries, where church’s have amassed
so much money that they have built huge cathedrals and
fancy church buildings for people to look at in amazement.

How many ministers, preachers, priests, bishops, elders,
popes, church leaders, pastors, and religious teachers
do you know of – who also hold a secular job – besides
their preaching positions ?

I can only think of one group that does not get paid 
for their religious services.  There are no plates passed,,
and all the religions speakers work secular jobs and
don’t get paid for any of their services.  They conduct
weddings, and funerals, and religious conventions, and
mediate with marriage counseling, and family problems,
but never get paid for any of these services.  I think
you know them – They are called “International Bible
Students” or “Jehovah’s Witnesses.

But there are so many other ways in which Christendom
has strayed away from the teachings of Christ. 
Christ came to make his Father’s name known – but
Christendom has removed God’s name Jehovah from the
Bible and replaced it with the Title,”LORD”.

In Christ’s model pray (called the Lord’s Prayer) –
Christ put the glorification or honoring of God’s name
as the First and most important part of his prayer.
But many Christians today, do not even know that his
Father’s name is “Jehovah”.

Christ put great emphasis on bringing mankind back to
his Father, and he emphasized that the most important
of all the commandments was to “Love Jehovah, with all
your heart and soul, and mind.  He quoted from the
Old Testament Hebrew Scriptures as emphasis for our
need to worship the Jewish God of the Jewish Messiah.
Today, instead, mankind has been duped into worshipping
God’s son, instead of God.

The Monotheism of the One-God, Jehovah, which was
actively preached by Christ, was replaced by Christendom
with the pagan 3-in-1 Trinity man-god worship that began 
with the trinity of Nimrod in Ancient Babylon.  This
trinity worship was adopted by Rome many years after
Christ and his apostles were dead.

The world is filled with pagan trinity gods, including
those of Babylon, India, China, Japan, Egypt, and
ancient Anglo-Saxon countries during the rule of the
Roman Empire.  They were adopted to make Christ into
what he is NOT – “A trinity god”.

They have further insulted Christ by adopting the
Date of December 25th as his birth, when in fact he
was born in a warm month.  But they chose the popular
date of the birthdays of all the pagan sun-gods of
the world (including Nimrod) who were all born on
December 25th.   

When Christ and the Apostles were on the earth,
the pagans were Celebrating the “Saturnalia”
on December 25th – and history books say that the
early Christians were careful not to have any evergreens
in or upon their homes – at that time of the year 
so as to NOT be identified with the Pagans.

In the springtime, when Christ was on the earth, the
pagans in the various lands about him, would celebrate
a festival in honor of a fertility goddess who was 
known by various names in different lands including,
Ashtoreth, Easter, Eostre, Astarte, etc.  This pagan
holiday was also started by the very first fertility
goddess named “Semiramis” who married her own son.

Her son was worshipped as a god and thus Semiramis
became “The mother of God” and to hide her incestuous
relationship with her own son – She declared herself to
be the ever-virgin, born without sin.  

She devised the very first trinity which included her 
husband and her son, who were both one and the same.  
So they became, “god-the-father” and “god-the-son”; 
and there were not gods but rather only one.  
When Nimrod and Semiramis’ followers complained 
that it was a confusing concept, Semiramis was quick 
to call it a “Divine Mystery”, that no human could 
comprehend or understand.

How different this was from the teachings of Christ,
who constantly brought attention to the fact that
he was in submission to his Father, and that there
were things that his Father knew – that even he did 
NOT know.
Christ even admitted that there was authority that
his Father had, that he, himself, did NOT have.

Christ never pretended to be equal to God.  He always
bowed down before Jehovah,  prayed to Jehovah, asked
for assistance and help and was heard at times to 
cry out to Jehovah for help.

Even though the Bible is filled with many scriptures
that describe in great detail how subordinate Christ
is to his Father, “trinitarians” twist those scriptures
to suit the false teachings that Rome has passed onto
them.  There is no desire in Christendom to get the
false monkey off their back and get back to the truth
of the Bible, as taught by Christ – The lover of truth.

I can still recall many years ago, when I showed the
scripture to a friend at John 7:24 where Christ said,
“My Father is Greater than I.”  She immediately twisted
the scripture and replied to me that “god-the-father
is greater than god-the-son.  Talk about putting words
into Christ’s mouth that were never there to begin with.
Then who was he praying to ?  Himself ?

And then we have the destruction of Christ’s true name.
Just as mankind has removed God’s name Jehovah from the
Bible, and replaced it with the title “LORD”, so too they
did the same with Christ’s true name.  They took his
name “Jehoshua” and replaced it with “Jesus” and for
obvious reasons.  “Jehoshua” means – “Jehovah’s Salvation”,
whereas “Jesus” means – “Hail Zeus”.  Rome spent
a great deal of effort and time hiring correctors to
remove Christ’s true name from the Bible and replacing 
it with the pagan slur “Jesus”.  They even burned
books, old bibles, and manuscripts that contained 
Christ’s true name in them.  What hypocrisy and sacrilege.

So now, we have this 3-headed man-god who carries the
name of Zeus upon his shoulders, whose birth is
celebrated on the pagan birthday of Nimrod and all
his subsequent sun-god wanna-be’s.  This man-made
three face Lord is portrayed with fertility symbols
each springtime as mankind’s children attempt to
honor him with their “Easter” baskets filled with
candy coated fertility eggs and chocolate fertility 
rabbits.  What a total insult to Jehovah God and to
his Faithful son, Jehoshua Christ.

Satan even has the world doing stupid stuff like saying
“Amen” in their prayers, which in fact, Christ never used
the word in his lifetime.  Neither did the Apostles,
But the Egyptians and apostate Jews did – in honor of
the “Amen -Ra” god that the Jews learned to know and
love while they were slaves in Egypt.

Mankind does not question things.  The Bible appears to
contradict itself in certain places.  The correctores
did not do a very complete job when they attempted to
alter the Bible to satisfy Constantine’s pagan beliefs.
One minute we read of Christ declaring he is God and
then a few verses later, he denies any equality with 
God, whatsoever.  It leaves an unsuspecting person
feeling seasick.  So they discard the Bible as being
a bunch of jibberish written by men and instead they
base their beliefs on tradition handed down to them
by their church’s and their relatives and parents.

One minute they are being told that “God is Love’
and that he loves you, no matter what you do.
Then the next minute you are being threatened with
eternal torment in a HellFire of Cruel Punishment.
Which is it ?  It can’t be both.  But the truth is
that neither view is correct.

Although Jehovah is a God of Love and his son has
provided a ransom for us to be forgiven of some sins,
the Bible also requires obedience and repentance
for us to be able to enjoy those provisions of God.

Repent means to turn around and stop doing what you
know that od detests.  If we refuse to do that –
we have only the Judgment of death with no resurrection.
That’s it.  End of Story.  God never tortures people.
Neither does his son, Jehoshua Christ.  It’s not their
way.   Reading the Bible in its entirety will give
you a clear understanding of the personalities of these
two glorious beings.

Certainly Christ would never recognize or condone
what is being done in his name, if he were return
today.  You might say, that he might be relieved 
that they are doing all of this awful stuff – in the
name of Zeus and not in his real name.  So they are
really insulting the pagan god Zeus, while Christ’s
true name, “Jehoshua” has not been dragged in the
pagan mud of practices and teachings of the world
called “Christendom”.


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