JEHOVAH’S DECREE – “Call My Son by His Rightful Name !”


“Call My Son by His Rightful Name !

Jehovah’s Decree
is loud and clear
resounding now
for all to hear

The time has come
to correct the way
we call His Son
for we must say

The rightful Name
God gave to Christ
the Savior of
our Future Life

Is his rightful name
The one God Chose
when to earth Christ came

It’s Hebrew meaning
says it all
“Jehovah Saves”
to him we call

And His Messiah
has honor great
when we speak
his Holy Name

Yes, Jah does save
by his only son
is the only one

That gives salvation
by the blood he shed
by the things he taught
by the way he led

So stop the dishonor
of using a name
that belonged to Greece
to the Zeus of fame

Tis a slap in the face
of the “Jewish” Messiah
It’s a real disgrace
that he did acquire

by the errors of Rome
to appease the heathen
to absorb the pagans
and for no other reason

And centuries have past
with this pagan error
should we continue on
through another era?

A true mistake
won’t correct itself
the lessons of time
that corruption dealt

Are NOT an excuse
to continue on blind
for the truth is revealed
in Jehovah’s due time

And so his Decree
is Now here to Say
“You must now call My Son
by his Real Hebrew Name!”


The time of ignorance is over.
It is time to return to using the rightful Hebrew
Name of Christ – “Jehoshua”

Toss away your excuses for hanging onto
the J-Zeus error.   Jehovah God is determined
that all those requesting salvation from Christ,
must address him in an honorable way.
This is a legitimate and mandatory decree
by Jehovah God Himself.   Even Christ will
no longer permit his name to be dishonored.
Take heed – it is a sure requirement – and will
be evident when Christ is revealed to mankind
in the very near future.


We’re waiting for our Saviour
To show us his great might
we’re waiting for Messiah
to end our lonely night

We’re waiting for the Jewish Christ
to claim his glorious throne
we’re waiting for the Son of God
to make his presence known

And when he shows his valiant way
across the darkened sky
we’ll cry aloud to see him then
as seen by every eye

Twill be a great occasion
to see this son of Fame
the one who bears salvation
within his very name

He’ll bear the name so mighty
that Jehovah fully gave
embedded in the letters
of the tetragram – “to save”

Jehoshua’s salvation
comes from God above
sent by Heaven’s powers
sent with Jehovah’s Love

God wants us all to know it
the “True” Name of his Son
before the Final Battle
before the war is won

So we can yell in Triumph
as we Praise our Rightful King
so we can call his true name
when praise to him we sing

The pagan Zeus of Rome’s old temples
are an insult to God’s Christ
to call him G-Zeus is dishonor
to the son of Valor’s Might.

Cry Out – Jehovah Tells us
to His Exalted Christ and King
Praise the name of “JahShua”
to Jehoshua we SING.”


“Jesus.  That was a name given to him
many years after His death.  Rome wanted
to remove any Jewishness from the new
church.   They eliminated His Jewish name
and blended the name of Zeus in order
to make it comfortable for all those who
had previously worshipped the Greek
and Roman gods.  Since Zeus was the
top god of their experience, attaching the
name Ioesus (hail Zeus) to Yahshua – gave
Him top priority in the worship hierarchy.”
-Winds of Praise Broadcasting
Believer or Follower?
The Sound of the Shofar
By Jon Thompson

“The pagans of Greece and Rome
had worshipped Zeus as the supreme
deity. Their savior was Zeus,  so now they
were eager to accept Jesus as Iesous,
or Zeus as their saviour.”
– The Origin of Christianity
    by A.B. Traina 

“Jesus, is a compound word of Ie and Zeus.
The messiah’s true name – Jahshuwah –
was replaced by Ie-Sous (praise or hail Zeus),
now known to us as Jesus.”
– The Origin of Christianity
    by A.B. Traina

“It is known that the Greek name
endings with sus, seus, and sous
were attached by the Greeks to names
and geographical areas as means to
give honour to their supreme deity, Zeus.”
-Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend
   Professor J. C. J. Metford 
       (1983,   pg. 126)

“research reveals that the name “Jesus”
is linked to the Greek Sun-god “Zeus” “
   by C. J. Koster

“The name of YAHshua has been replaced
by the names of G-zeus (Jesus),
meaning Hail Zeus (Iesus, and Iesous)
which are pagan in origin.”
-Seek God
The True name of Christ 

“Some authorities, who have spent their entire
lives studying the origins of names believe
that “Jesus” actually means – “Hail Zeus!”
For Iesous in Greek IS “Hail Zeus.”
“Ie” translates as “Hail” and “sous”
or “sus” translates as Zeus. The English
name “Jesus”, therefore, stems etymologically
from “Jupiter-Zeus” the chief god of the
ancient Greek Olympus.”
-“Yeshua” or “Jesus” — Which?
Biblical Research Institute; 1996
  by Les Aron Gosling 


“Christ name….In the Septuagint was
 the common Hebrew name Joshua
 or (Jehoshua)…”
-Encyclopedia Britannica – 15th Edition

“the name of Christ in the New Testament
means “Jehovah is salvation.” This comes
from the Hebrew word translated Joshua
or Jehoshua in the Old Testament. This means
that the name of Jesus should have been
translated into English as “Joshua.” “
-The Name Of Jesus;   By Paul Rusnak
         (Vol. 10  p.149)

“The name Joshua (or Jehoshua) derives
its greatest importance and highest sanctity
from the fact that it was sacredly chosen as the
name to be borne by the Messiah..”
–Personal Names in the Bible
by Dr. W.F. Wilkinson, M.A.
Joint Editor of Webster and Wilkinson’s
Greek Testament:  pages 342-343. 

“Christ’s name  is of Hebrew origin
and is taken from the name Yehoshua,
which in English is translated as Joshua. 
or Jehoshua.  Yehoshua, in Hebrew means
“Yehovah Saves”. “
-Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance

Christ – “the Hebrew name
Jeshua, Joshua, or Jehoshua,
means ‘Jehovah is Salvation’. “
-The Catholic Encyclopedia
    Vol. 8, p. 374

 “Matthew (1:21) interprets the name
of Christ originally as Joshua or Jehoshua
that is, ‘Yahweh (Jehovah)  is Salvation,'”
-Encyclopedia Americana
    (Vol.16, p. 41)

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