The Bible makes it clear that God’s Judgment against
mankind will start with his own people.  Yes, God’s
chosen people will be judged first.  This sounds very
serious, and it is.  But how does this relate to ‘Jehoshua’?


“Yes, God will judge his people…”
(Deuteronomy 32:36)(MSG)-BibleGateway

“For Jehovah will judge his people…”
(Psalm 135:14)(ASV)-BibleGateway

“For Jehovah will judge his people…”
(Dueteronomy 32:36)(ASV)-BibleGateway 

“…This is no light matter. God has warned us 
that he’ll hold us to account and make us pay. 
He was quite explicit: “Vengeance is mine, and 
I won’t overlook a thing” and “God will judge 
his people.” Nobody’s getting by with anything, 
believe me.”
(Hebrews 10:26-31)(MSG)-BibleGateway 

“We know that God has said he will punish and 
take revenge. We also know that the Scriptures 
say the Lord will judge his people. It is a 
terrible thing to fall into the hands of the 
living God!”
(Hebrews 10:30,31)(CEV)-BibleGateway 

 “For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God;” 
(1Peter 4:17)(NASB)-BibleGateway 

“It’s judgment time for God’s own family. 
We’re first in line.”
(1Peter 4:17,18)(MSG)-BibleGateway 

“It is time for people to be judged. 
It will begin with the family of God.”
(1Peter 4:17,18)(NIRV)-BibleGateway

“Weeding” out the Weeds
from Christ’s Kingdom

The Bible speaks of a weeding work, where Christ
will separate the weeds from the wheat in his
Kingdom.  The weeds have been allowed to grow 
alongside of the wheat, until some point in time,
when the time is right for Christ to pluck them
out of his Kingdom.  These weeds that Satan planted
for the purpose to cause “stumbling” will be 
removed.  Have you ever wondered how he will do that?
What event or group of events could cause some of 
God’s people to be identified by Christ – as weeds?  

“The harvest is the end of the age, 
and the harvesters are angels. 
The Son of Man will send out his angels, 
and they will “WEED OUT”  of his kingdom  
everything that causes sin and all who do 
(Matthew 13:36-41) (NIV)-(BibleGateway) 

“…so shall it be in the end of the world. 
The Son of man shall send forth his angels, 
and they shall gather out of his kingdom 
all things that cause stumbling, and them 
that do iniquity.”
(Matthew 13:40-41) (ASV)-(BibleGateway) 

“After Jesus left the crowd and went inside, 
his disciples came to him and said, “Explain to us 
the story about the weeds in the wheat field.” 
Jesus answered: 
   The one who scattered the good seed is 
the Son of Man…the good seeds are the people 
who belong to the kingdom. The weed seeds are 
those who belong to the evil one, and the one who
scattered them is the devil. The harvest is the 
end of time, and angels are the ones who bring 
in the harvest… That’s how it will be at the 
end of time.  The Son of Man will send out his 
angels, and they will gather from his kingdom 
everyone who does wrong or causes others to sin. 
(Matthew 13:36-41) (CEV)-(BibleGateway) 

“…in the completion of the age…The Son of man 
shall send his angels, and they shall gather out of 
his kingdom all offences (offenders)…”
(Matthew 13:40,41) (DARBY)-(BibleGateway)  

Until it’s time For “The Harvest”

“‘Should we pull out the weeds?’ they asked.
 “‘No,’ he replied, ‘you’ll uproot the wheat 
if you do.  Let both grow together until the harvest. 
Then I will tell the harvesters to sort out the 
weeds…’ “
(Matthew 13:28-30) (NLT)-(BibleGateway) 

“The servants said to him, Then do you want us 
to go and weed them out?  But he said, No, 
lest in gathering the wild wheat (weeds resembling 
wheat), you root up the [true] wheat along with it.
Let them grow together until the harvest; and at 
harvest time I will say to the reapers, Gather the 
darnel first and bind it in bundles to be burned, 
but gather the wheat into my granary.”
(Matthew 13:28-30) (AMP)-(BibleGateway)

“God enters the courtroom. 
He takes his place at the bench 
to judge his people.”
(Isaiah 3:13)(MSG)-BibleGateway

“For the time is come for judgment 
to begin at the house of God….”
(1Peter 4:17)(ASV)-BibleGateway

“It’s judgment time for God’s own family. 
We’re first in line. If it starts with us, 
think what it’s going to be like for those 
who refuse God’s Message!….”
(1Peter 4:17,18a)(MSG)-BibleGateway

“The Mighty One, God, Jehovah, hath spoken…
Our God cometh, and doth not keep silence:
A fire devoureth before him, And it is very 
tempestuous round about him. He calleth to the 
heavens above, And to the earth, that he may 
judge his people.”
(Psalm 50:1,3,4)(ASV)-BibleGateway 

“…The Lord will judge his own people.”
(Hebrews 10:30)(NLT)-BibleGateway 


An Issue that will DIVIDE God’s People?

When the knowledge of Christ’s true name becomes
evident on a world-wide basis; then what will
God’s people do?  Will they remain stagnant,
in fear of what other’s might think – or will
they agree to the new evidence that cannot be

Just because someone does something for years and
years, and years – does not mean that it is right
or correct.  How often have God’s people espoused
wrong holidays, wrong doctrines, and even the
denying of God’s name “Jehovah”?  It was not
until light was shed on these subjects that changes
were made even in Christ’s true congregation.

We have seen people give up Easter and Christmas,
and abandon belief in the “trinity” and the use of
the “cross” in worship, etc. because of new light
from research into these topics.  When the pagan
origins were recognized, then God’s people abandoned
their usage in true worship.  This principal applies
also to the return to God’s true name “Jehovah” and
to Christ’s true name “Jehoshua”.

Even though God’s name was removed from the Bible 
almost 7,000 seven thousand times, and replaced by 
the title “LORD” by translators – that did not
make it right.   And so too, we are faced with the
same dilemma today with Christ’s true name.

Christ’s name had also been removed in favor of a 
Greek slur that is dishonoring to the Jewish Messiah.
Even Rome admitted to the burning of old books and
manuscripts that still contained his true name.

With mankind facing the Harvest that Christ foretold,
where weeds will be removed from Christ’s True Church,
one is left to wonder – Is the decision to call Christ
by his real name – going to be a cause for God’s people
to be separated one from another, Just as weeds are
separated from Wheat ?  Only time will tell.


“Originally, the name of the Messiah
was , pronounced Yehoshua. 
This is the Messiah’s original name,
and meant ‘Jehovah is salvation’.
It is quite evident that the modern 
form “Jesus” does not even remotely 
resemble the original name that the 
disciples used.. This is fact. “
 -Encyclopedia Americana
    (Vol.16, p. 41) 

“It is simply amazing to think that all 
these years, hundreds of years, mankind 
has been calling the Saviour by the wrong name!!”
-Gospel of The Kingdom
True Names and Title
Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley 
    1931 – Ohio USA

” ‘Jesus’ was not the Messiah’s name 
when He walked the earth.”
-The True Name of The Messiah
  by Neil Bornhoft

“It is interesting that throughout his life,
Jesus Christ never did hear himself called 
by that name.” 
— “Man’s Great Adventure,” 
by Edwin W. Pharlow, professor of history, 
Ohio State University.

“The founder of Christianity never heard 
Himself called ‘Jesus Christ’ during His life. 
He was known by His Hebrew name Jehoshua.  
– Colliers magazine of Sept. 11, 1937
   Paul Parnell  

all knowledge of two Second Century 
Jewish books that it said contained 
‘the true name of Christ.’ 
-What Was The Church Trying to Hide?
  by Tony Bushby 

“The plan of the Greeks was simple, 
they merely dropped the Hebrew 
terminology of names which referred 
to the Hebrew deity, and substituted 
the name, or letters, referring to the 
name of the supreme deity, Zeus.”
-The Faith Magazine
    Volume 69 

“Now our modern translated scriptures say 
Christ’s name is Jesus.  The name Jesus 
is a compound word made up of Ie and Sous 
(Hail Zeus).”
-The Origin of Christianity
by A.B. Traina 

“This name of the true Messiah, 
was objectionable to the Greeks and 
Romans, who hated the Judeans (Jews), 
and so it was deleted from the records, 
and a new name inserted…Ie-Sous 
(hail Zeus), now known to us as Jesus.” 
-The Origin of Christianity
by A.B. Traina

“It is simply amazing to think that all 
these years, hundreds of years, mankind 
has been calling the Saviour by the wrong name!!
It’s hard to give up the name of Jesus 
because it’s so deeply ingrained in us 
and much has been said and done in that name.”
-Gospel of The Kingdom
True Names and Title
Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley 
    1931 – Ohio USA

“It is known that the Greek name
endings with sus, seus, and sous 
were attached by the Greeks to names 
and geographical areas as means to 
give honour to their supreme deity, Zeus.”
-Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend
   Professor J. C. J. Metford  

“The Messiah’s name was replaced with Iesus 
(Greek)…Further, the Greek “Iesus”
comes from the name Zeus, the ruling God 
in the Greek pantheon.”
-Gospel of The Kingdom
True Names and Title
Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley 
    1931 – Ohio USA

“Some authorities, who have spent their 
entire lives studying the origins of names 
believe that “Jesus” actually means – 
“Hail Zeus!”  For Iesous in Greek IS 
“Hail Zeus.”  “Ie” translates as “Hail” 
and “sous” or “sus” translates as Zeus. 
The English name “Jesus”, therefore, stems 
etymologically from “Jupiter-Zeus” the chief 
god of the ancient Greek Olympus.”
-“Yeshua” or “Jesus” — Which?
Biblical Research Institute; 1996
  by Les Aron Gosling  

“research reveals that the name “Jesus” 
is linked to the Greek Sun-god “Zeus” “
   by C. J. Koster

“Originally, the name of the Messiah
was , pronounced Yehoshua. 
This is the Messiah’s original name,
and meant ‘Jehovah is salvation’.
It is quite evident that the modern 
form “Jesus” does not even remotely 
resemble the original name that the 
disciples used.. This is fact. “
 -Encyclopedia Americana
    (Vol.16, p. 41)

“Jehoshua” means ‘whose help is Jehovah’; 
‘Help of Jehovah’ or ‘savoiur of Jehovah’.”
-Smith’s Bible Dictionary
 under ‘Jehoshua”

“the construction of theophoric names, 
starting with the letters “Jeho” is evidence 
that God’s name is actually ‘Jehovah’ 
(and that Christ’s name is actually Jehoshua)”
– Smith’s 1863 
“A Dictionary of the Bible” 
 Section 2.1 


“The traditional Christian Church has forgotten, 
and even rejected, her Jewish roots.”
-The History of The Church vs The Synagogue
by Wayne Bedwell 

“Later, in a similar manner, 
Pope Alexander VI ordered all copies 
of the Jewish Talmud destroyed. 
The Council of the Inquisition required 
as many Jewish writings as possible to 
be burned.”
-What Was The Church Trying to Hide?
  by Tony Bushby  

“The mass destruction of Jewish books 
included hundreds of copies of the Old 
Testament. In an attempt by the church 
to remove Rabbinic information about Christ 
from the face of the earth, the Inquisition 
burnt 12,000 volumes of the Talmud.”
-What Was The Church Trying to Hide?
  by Tony Bushby

“In the mass destruction of Jewish writings, 
the church attempted to destroy all documents
that recorded ‘the true name of Christ ’.”
-What Was The Church Trying to Hide?
  by Tony Bushby

“the Talmudic evidence indicates that 
historically the Jews regarded the name 
of  Christ as ‘Yehoshua’            .”
– The Names Yeshua and Yehoshua
Yehoshua in the Septuagint 
Yehoshua in the Hebrew Bible 
by Dr. James Price, professor of Hebrew 

“In order to make the previously despised cult 
of the Early Christians acceptable to Constantine, 
emperor of Rome – the new (pagan) Church Fathers 
had to remove from its teachings certain doctrines 
which they knew were objectionable to Constantine.
To accomplish this, certain “correctors” were 
appointed, whose task it was to rewrite the Gospels.”
-Apollonius the Nazarene Part 1: 
The Historical Apollonius Versus 
the Mythical Jesus 
By: Dr. R. W. Bernard, Ph.D.  

“Learned men, so called Correctores were, 
following the church meeting at Nicea 325 AD,
selected by the church authorities to scrutinize
the sacred texts and rewrite them in order to 
correct their meaning in accordance with the views
which the church had just sanctioned.” 
-Prof. Eberhard Nestle 
`Introduction to the Textual Criticism 
of the Greek Testament,’ 
Einfhrung in die Textkritik des 
griechischen Testaments: Eberhard Nestle 

“the (biblical) manuscripts were carefully 
revised by the correctores.”
-“Manuscripts” by Louis Bréhier 
in The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume IX 
(New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1910) 

“…theological disputes, specifically disputes over
the trinity (Christology), prompted Christian scribes
to alter the words of scripture in order to make them 
more serviceable.”
-The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture
Prof. Bart D. Ehrman 

“after the Council of Nicea, A.D. 325, 
the manuscripts of the New Testament 
were considerably tampered with by scholars, 
called `correctores’, who were appointed by 
the ecclesiastical authorities, and actually 
commissioned to correct the text of the Scriptures 
in the interest of what was considered orthodoxy.” 
-Archdeacon Wilberforce  


“The issue IS how to transliterate the real name, 
Yeshua (or Jehoshua), from the Hebrew, into English. 
We certainly don’t need to go through Greek into 
Latin and then from Latin into English. Why would 
anyone want to take such a circuitous route, 
unless he’s trying to “prove” the validity of 
the erroneousness,”Jesus?”
YHWH is Elohim – Yahushua is the Messiah
by Yahkov Hartley 

“The change of the Messiah’s name from Yeshua 
(Yahushua) to Jesus (a mistranslation) certainly 
serves the purpose of obscuring his Jewish identity 
and his Jewish ministry. The true ministry of 
Yahushua the Messiah is and was dedicated to 
finding the “lost sheep of the House of Israel.” 
YHWH is Elohim – Yahushua is the Messiah
by Yahkov Hartley  

 “The English name “Joshua”  is a rendering of the Hebrew
 language “Yahoshua”, meaning “Yehowah” is salvation”.
-^ A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament 
Francis Brown, with S.R. Driver and C.A. Briggs, 
based on the lexicon of William Gesenius. Oxford: 
Clarendon Press. p. 221 & 446 

“Yehoshua may refer to: Yehoshua, the Hebrew 
name of Joshua, the son of Nun or of Jesus,
the Christ; since both hebrew names are identical.
Joshua (Hebrew: יְהוֹשֻׁעַ‎‎ Yehoshuaʿ; and both have
the same meaning.  Why do some Bible’s translate
it as ‘Joshua’, while others translate it as ‘Jesus’?
There is a definite inconsistency here.”  

“Jehoshua, meaning ‘Jehovah is Salvation’.” 
-The Catholic Encyclopedia
Vol. 8, p. 374 

“To transliterate the Hebrew name ‘Yeshua’
(or ‘Yehoshua’) into English, we merely go 
to (another man with the same name as Christ),
‘Yeshua’ (or Yehoshua) (who was the son of Nun)
(He is mentioned in The Old Testament as well as
The New Testament.  Thus his name is pronounced
Yeshua (or Yehoshua) both in Hebrew and in English 
– a perfect transliteration. What could be simpler?”
(The letter ‘J’ replaces the letter ‘Y’ in English).
YHWH is Elohim – Yahushua is the Messiah
by Yahkov Hartley 

“History, both religious and secular, is clear that
the “Church” has expended a vast effort to distance 
itself from the true nature, origins, and purpose of
this Jewish messiah!”
YHWH is Elohim – Yahushua is the Messiah
by Yahkov Hartley 

“This name, Yahshua, being Hebrew, 
was objectionable to the Greeks and Romans, 
who hated the Judeans, and so it was deleted 
from the records, and a new name inserted.
Yahshua was thus replaced by Ie-Sous, 
now known to us as Jesus. They had worshipped 
Zeus, or Jupiter, as the supreme deity, 
so now they were told the new name was Theos, 
or Dios, or God.  Their savior was Zeus, 
so now they were to accept Jesus (Iesous, 
or Zeus).”
– Chapter 3 
  By A. B. Traina


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